How to Add Coloring Book Pages to Wordpress

What is coloring book pages plugin?

A coloring book or page is process of filling or drawing using brush, with different colors on an Image. Using pixobe coloring book WordPress plugin, you can add coloring book application easily to your WordPress blog or pages.

If your business involves coloring book or pages, then this plugin is a must. This plugin is very handy in enaging online coloring for kids or adult. You not only can set predefined images like here, but also you can let your audience upload their own coloring image and start coloring like this.

The bonus of the plugin is its responsive and works on Desktop, iPhones, iPad or any other mobile devices and provides a rich user experience. Kids can easily color the images with out any hassle.

Additional features of this plugin is Clear, Undo, Redo, Print or Save the image that is colored.And also you can choose from wide variety of colors to fill the image or even use brush stroke.


  1. How many times I can use the plugin on my blog/page? As many times as possible, it works without any issues.

  2. Does it slow down my website?

Plugin as such will not impact your website performance in any way. Its very light weight and consumes very less memory. check this link Plugin Test for performance statistics of this plugin.