How to Engage Kids With Coloring Book Pages

Interactive coloring books is one of the way to attract kids to stay focused on an activity. By presenting them coloring book pages with wide variety of images to color, is definitely going to be a breeze with plugin.

Why I devleoped this WordPress coloring book plugins?

Most of the time I am left clueless how to make my kid focus on an activity, as he is easily attracted towards gadgets I had to figure out a way to make him focus on an activity rather than watching the same rhymes again and again with out any food for brain.Thats when I figured out need to present him a way to grab his attention.

I started searching for digital coloring book, most of them are not kids friendly or not responsive that works on both desktop or touch screens like mobile or iPad. And also they are damn expensive to add the functionality to my own site. That’s when I developed this plugin and open sourced on WordPress plugin so that any one can install it easily and engage their audience.

Stop talking and show it

Well here you go, if you are curious on how to use it check out How to install coloring book plugin