Tips to improve sales of printable coloring book.

Why a coloring book?

Lockdown had severe impact on the way people socialize.Longer duration of stay at home slowly forced us to turn towards digital gadgets.While some turned their attention towards games others to OTT platforms, there are considerable number of people who resorted to painting and drawing.

Tips to publish coloring page on your blog

So how can you attract your audience ? mere publishing a digital art book will not draw user’s attention, need better way of engaging them.

  • Choose the best coloring page that can be colored quickly and publish it on home page
  • Instead of plain one, post both colored and uncolored one side by side, this will draw attention of the user and try them to color
  • Do not forget to provide a share button, to increase the reach of your product


If you are an artist looking to reach a larger audience, you need to find out ways to engage your user on your website.

  • Do you have an existing WordPress site or a simple blog otherwise Create a free account on TasteWP

  • Download the coloring plugin and install it on your website

  • Turn your image now into an online coloring page. Check documentation for further details.